Safety isn’t just

another department for us

Here at Point Gray, safety is a top priority– no job is worth the risk doing unless it can be done safely. Safety isn’t just another department for us – it truly is a way of life for us. We believes that accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement.

To achieve our safety goals of preventing workplace accidents, injuries and downtime:
– train employees to follow proper job procedures, recognize potential hazards and identify methods to control/eliminate them
– provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
– all equipment is subject to regular safety inspections, maintenance and mechanical certification
– comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and industry standards

Essentially stop accidents before they happen.

All Point Gray Contracting units are equipped with Samsara Fleet Management with GPS tracking, electronic logs and dash cams to increase safety, efficiency and sustainability.
Point Gray Contracting Inc. is sensitive to environmental awareness and preservation. We educate and train our employees to perform their jobs in an environmentally friendly manner.
If you have any safety specific concerns, please email

We set our standards extremely high to keep our team, your products and the environment safe!